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Product proposition review, development and design


As part of an international Financial Services company, the Hong Kong team was planning ahead, looking into introducing a new product to their consumers on top of what they were currently offering.

The product is already available in their other markets. Before investing money, time and effort in developing and introducing the product to their Hong Kong consumers, the local team wisely wanted to know if this is even a product that Hong Kong people would like, want or need. If it is, how should they position and design this product within their existing offerings in this market.

Beyō Global was brought in to help them to achieve that. 


  • To validate the proposition of that specific product in the Hong Kong market

  • To understand the challenges and pain points Hong Kong people face in the relevant areas, as well as their needs, behaviours and attitudes towards that

  • To understand how the product could fit into the Hong Kong financial ecosystem

  • To have a clear direction on how this new product should be marketed, positioned and designed, alongside with other products this company offered in Hong Kong



TU HK Approach.png

Based on the identified objectives, we proposed an approach based on the following principles:

  • A good balance between time, cost and quality of output

  • Tactical and strategic actionable output

  • Close collaboration with the local teams

TransUnion HK Collaborative

The impact

  • A clear strategic direction on what the new product proposition should be and how it fits into the business as a whole in Hong Kong

    A clear design direction on how this new product would look like, considering all the users’ and business requirements

    Aligned views and goals between the marketing and product teams. This project and the proposed process had encouraged both marketing and product teams to constantly sit together to have much needed constructive discuss and challenge each other

    An efficient and productive way of working. With such a collaborative approach, the move from ‘not knowing whether Hong Kong people want this new product’ to having a solid view of how to position, market and design the product in less than 10 days (comparing to their last product which took almost 2 years from design to launch)


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