Beyo Global offers consultancy services and expertise for businesses who have growing international reach and operations.

To provide a high quality experience to people in all corners of the world - ensuring parity of experience.
— Our Mission

We aim to help companies:

  • Identify what is needed to provide the right products and services to their international audiences and to deliver the best experience to their customers with clear global strategy

  • Set up the most effective process to run their global operation



Beyo is short of Beyond


Beyō is the short of beyond. It indicates we deliver work that goes above and beyond; we help our clients to rise above and go beyond.

Beyō, pronounced as Bay-yo (备有), also means “be empowered” in Mandarin.

Global team

Our headquarter is in the UK. However, we are a team of experienced research, design and strategic consultants based around the world, across all continents. This is important to us. It means we can provide our clients with the best local insights and help them to not just survive but thrive in their global markets.

Founder | Chui Chui Tan

Chui Chui Tan, British & Malaysian Chinese, PhD in Human Computer Interaction, has worked in customer experience for the past 14+ years, where she:

  • Worked on UX projects of different scales (from discovery, research, design to developing business strategies) for clients like Clarks, eBay, AXA, Cabinet Office and Nokia

  • Helped clients such as Marriott, BBC and Google understand their global audiences and advise them on how best to provide the best experience to different markets

  • Worked with clients such as Spotify and Asana define and develop their business propositions in different markets


International speaker

Spoke and ran workshops at various conferences around the world especially on cultural diversity and designing for global audiences.

List of  talks and workshops by Chui Chui.

If you’d like Chui Chui to speak or run a workshop at your conference or workplace, get in touch with us.

Keynote. Johannesburg, South Africa

Keynote. Johannesburg, South Africa

Beijing, China

Beijing, China

Atlanta, USA

Atlanta, USA


A fresh perspective on what you need to know about growing your international markets

Why it is important to not only localise but to culturalise when designing for audiences in different countries? Chui Chui talks about the whys and shows how companies did well and badly in this aspect. She also provides a three-step guide on how to create a product or service which 'works' for audiences around the world.