Connecting global customers

Helping you understand your customers, maximise your global reach

Want to have a full complete view of your customers? Want to make sure your customers get the best experience you could offer?  We are here to help. Whether you want to:

  • Grow and expand your home market
  • Grow your existing international markets
  • Venture into new markets especially Asia

We can work with you through the entire process - from introduction, research, design to strategy.


Your business is unique in its own way.

The best way to tackle your challenges would be: 

  1. We have an initial meeting (in person or via a video call)
  2. We discuss and assess your challenges, objectives and business vision
  3. We share with you a customised approach to help you to overcome your specific challenges and to achieve your objectives


What we can help you with:

Offer introduction about a market to businesses


  • Introduction to a specific market tailored to your sector, product and service.
  • Competitor landscape in a specific market

Ask us: How we prepared Clarks senior management for their Asia business trips through an introduction workshop

Help companies understand their global audience and markets


  • In-depth understanding of your audiences (various research approach and workshops)

  • Full understanding of a market's ecosystem and how it impacts your products/services

  • Integrate market research and user insights to offer holistic views of a market and your audiences

Ask us: How we helped Marriott understand and design for their customers in 24 markets.

Implementing design localisation


  • Convert insights into an actionable plan and a coherent narrative for product design and business strategy

  • Creation of customer journeys for a specific market and/or a combination of all your global markets

  • Product design localisation and execution

Help companies with their global and local strategy


  • Consultancy on setting your global roadmap or individual market product and business strategy
  • Creation of bespoke global guide and operation framework
  • Framework for learnings sharing within organisations about your global audience and markets

New to a country like China, Japan or Germany? We give presentations and run exclusive workshops to senior stakeholders and teams - what you need to know about the country before a business visit and meeting.

Designing for different markets? We can create a bespoke Global Guide for your chosen markets,  whether it’s a design specific guide (e.g numerical and address formats, fonts) or one that also includes important facts, insights of a specific country. We will tailor the details which are relevant to your product and industry. You can use the guide for design localisation, as well as to inform your product, marketing, operation and business strategy.

Contact us for an example of a Global Design Guide.