Helping you understand your customers & markets

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Want to improve your customers experience, connect with your customers and increase your sales? We are here to help.

We can help you:

  • Gain the accurate, holistic view  your market and customers
  • Feel empowered and armed
  • Stay ahead of the market trends and disrupt  the industry
  • Maximise your sales in all markets you are in

You believe all your customers deserve the best experience regardless where they are in the world.

Our services include helping you to:

Introduction to a market

Cultural Audit

In-depth understanding of your (home/global) markets and audiences

Product launch for a new market

Global expansion and development

Innovation opportunities discovery 

We bring specialist geographic focus in Asia such as China, Japan and South East Asia.

How we work


Your business is unique. Your solution should be too. The best way to tackle your challenges would be: 

  1. We have an initial meeting (in person or via a conference video call)
  2. We discuss and assess your challenges, objectives and business vision
  3. You get a proposed customised strategy and approach to help you achieve your objectives

Our experience

Our collaboration with Chui Chui has provided invaluable actionable insight to fulfill the needs of our customers around the world.
— Gina Villavicencio, Marriott International

What you need to do to best engage with your global audiences:

Our client - Marriott International
Our client - Google
Our client - BBC Global
Our client - Clarks