Compilation: Global trends and statistics for various industries

At Beyō Global, we put together a short but insightful list of trends and statistics in different sectors to help you with your global and localisation strategy.

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We handpicked articles and reports which do not  make trend predictions purely based on their personal or professional point of views, but ones which supported by data and statistics.  We also make sure that they do not focus only on one country (e.g. the US or the UK) but they are global insights and trends.

Hospitality, Travel & Tourism

This is a detailed list compiled by TrekkSoft on 65 travel & tourism statistics to know about in 2017 and 2018:

15 stats about digital trends in Travel And Hospitality featured on CMO:

Retail E-commerce

An infographic which shows global e-commerce statistics, put together Shopify along with ten international growth trends that they think you need to know:

10 largest ecommerce globally.png

A report by PwC based on a survey they conducted  with 25,000 online shoppers in 29 territories about their shopping behaviour and expectations:

Meetings & Events (M&E)

Trends to watch in 2018 for each continent derived based on CWT booking data, Cvent data and Smith Travel Research:

Meetings and events 2018 global trends statistics.png

A report curated by American Express Meetings & Events team on global M&E:

Financial Services

Deloitte’s 2018 insurance outlook based on the firsthand experience and insights of many of their subject matter specialists, supplemented with research and analysis by the Deloitte Center for Financial Services:

Similar report by Deloitte focusing on the banking industry:


15 SEO stats which might be able to help you make digital marketing decisions in 2018:

Mobile apps

A comprehensive summary of apps download and usage statistics globally for 2017 featured on Business of Apps. Although most of the statistics on this article focus on the US, it also has some useful insights about apps usage in other countries:

Apps used daily global statistics.png

Chatbot and AI

Business Insider’s take on trends and landscape of the growing AI chatbot industry based on their latest market research:


This is by no means an exhaustive list. But we hope it gives you some useful insights into what’s coming up next globally in your sector.